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SPAM - A Major Problem

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It's a sad fact of life that as the internet grows, spam grows. No doubt you have seen an increase in the amount of junk mail that arrives in your inbox or appears on a newsgroup you frequent.

Spam wastes time. It steals valuable bandwidth, causes major congestion on mail servers and worst of all can ruin the reputation of honest businesses.

Recent studies have shown that AOL users alone can spend more than 5,000 hours of connection time just removing their junk mail. When you take into account other ISPs and mail servers, you can appreciate the sheer size of this problem.

This has lead to ISPs and email hosts clamping down and providing filters and reporting mechanisms to help stop this onslaught. AOL version 9.0 even includes a folder called Spam.

While spam is the fundamental root of the problem, the anti-spam measures that the ISPs and email providers like Hotmail and Yahoo undertake are what hurt legitimate businesses.

How does this affect those legitimate businesses when sending emails or newsletters to their subscribers?

If you send out an email, e-zine or newsletter, you will have no idea of how many will actually reach your subscribers and how many will get filtered. This is especially true since different ISPs and mail hosts such as Hotmail and Yahoo, use different filtering techniques.

Today, emails are regarded as a necessity for any business to operate successfully. Without them, most internet businesses would collapse.

Think how useful it would be to have a means of checking your outgoing emails so that they would be delivered as intended and not sent to a junk mail folder and never be opened. It's no longer just enough to send mail. The mail must be DELIVERED to the receivers INBOX!

To accomplish this effectively, an email MUST be checked at the sending SOURCE, rather than the receiving DESTINATION.

If you use an email account from SBI, then with a click of the "SpamCheck It!" button, the SpamCheck module will tell you exactly what to do to reduce the "spamminess" of your email.

This technology customizes SpamAssassin, the premier filtering software on the Net so that you can now avoid the common triggers that accidentally block legitimate email as spam.

As a result, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your emails or newsletters are being delivered directly into the INBOXES of your customers and NOT into their junk mail folder or trashed completely. If you use one or more email accounts from another hosting company, check what spam filtering software they have available.

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