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Here you will find resources for a large number of free ebooks. Rather than produce a directory of free ebook resources, we have selected those we feel will be useful or entertaining to our visitors.

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Big Book of Classic Christmas Tales
A selection of festive tales

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An Obvious Truth by Armand Moran
An eye opening report on the simplicity of internet marketing

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Amazing Traffic Formula
Get a flood of Targeted Visitors to Your Website and build your own opt-in list

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The Greatest Networker in the world
by John Milton Fogg
A best selling modern classic.A story that has inspired and changed the lives of millions. Perhaps yours?

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63 Killer Marketing Strategies
by Dan S. Kennedy
A very well written and informative book.

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The One Marketing Secret
That Could Make You Rich

By David Vallieres
Logic or emotion. What drives you?

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Ad Tracking Super Tips
The benefits of using ad tracking tools.

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The Free Clickbank Portal
How To Leverage The Power of Clickbank’s Huge Product Database Through CbGlobe.com – The Free Clickbank Portal

free ebooks Project Gutenberg is the original free digital library of books that are no longer in copyright. Here you will find a great many classic literary texts.
More than 5,000 titles available.



Free ebooks for MS Reader and Palm DevicesTexts include classic British and American fiction, children's literature, the Bible, and much more.

Free Ebooks from Paul C. Jong's Christian Book Series

The Alex Catalogue of Electronic TextsThis is a collection of public domain documents from American and English literature.

The Complete Works of William ShakespeareThese can be read online in HTML format.

ElfwoodHere you will find a huge selection of amateur Sci-Fi and Fantasy literature.