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FlipBooks provide an alternative means of viewing ebooks and other related electronic data. With FlipBooks, you can read the information in a manner similar to a printed book. To read a FlipBook you will need the appropriate viewer.

FlipViewer® is a free viewer that is used for this purpose. It lets you view FlipBooks that are created from ebooks, magazines, web pages and many other sources. With FlipViewer® you can view your favorite web pages in book format with 3D turning pages.

Unlike a conventional web browser, the pages are displayed much like a hard copy book. While you are reading a page, the next pages in line will be streamed into your PC. The features of FlipViewer® include page flipping, page streaming, page layout, image resizing, audio and print previews.

When FlipViewer® is used as a web browser, the pages are downloaded and presented in a book format. You can then flip through the pages that you have visited previously without repeating the download. A very neat feature.


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The FlipBooks themselves are created using FlipPublisher™ or FlipAlbum® and use what's called Digital Flip® technology.

Hardcopy products such as brochures, magazines, letters, books, manuals, etc. can be changed to a digital format and transformed into FlipBooks.

This then enables information such as text, photographs, music, streaming video and audio to be organized and presented via a 3D page-flipping interface.

FlipPublisher™ - A content and management creation tool that can be used to create the FlipBooks and a professional authoring tool for distributing the FlipBooks.

After creation, the FlipBook can be delivered like any other electronic data, and stored on disk, tape or CD.

Features include text import via drag and drop, auto pagination, HTML import, contents page auto creation with ability to highlight and hyperlink the chapters.

It has multimedia support for pages so that music and videos can be played on the pages.

The following files are supported:

(DOC, RTF, TXT, HTML) - documents
(OPF) - OEB Package Format
(MID, WAV, MP3) - Sound Files
(AVI, MPG) - Video Files


DRM Solution - A Digital Rights Management Solution that safeguards content and protects both online and offline distribution of copyright materials. DRM provides security to individual reader levels so that the FlipBooks cannot be read by unauthorized readers.

A wide range of access settings are provided for different uses like Marketing and Sales.

FlipAMS™ - A product that manages advertising within FlipBooks.

An easy to use web based interface allows content providers and advertisers to streamline the advertising campaign process and help increase Click-Thru, Conversion Rates and ROI.

FlipAMS™ has 5 core modules

1) System Management - Handles administrative functions such as user account creation, archiving and campaign reporting tools.

2) Content management - Manages campaign information like FlipBook type and FlipBook URL. Unique codes are generated to reserve advertising space within FlipBook pages.

3) Campaign Management - Manages ad type, schedule and placement.

4) Delivery Management - Delivery and logging functions.

5) Report Management - Both dynamic and static reporting provide campaign statistics and allow Publishers and Advertisers to monitor the advertising campaign.

FlipAnalyzer™ - A tracking tool for monitoring user interaction on FlipBooks.

Information such as IP address and time spent on individual pages of the FlipBook can be tracked. This provides feedback to help evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. It can also be used to plan future campaigns.

FlipAnalyzer™ has 2 modules

1) Server Module - Logs information and delivery from FlipViewer. The Information collected includes User IP Address, Opening and Closing of the FlipBook and the time spent on individual flipped pages.

2) Client Module - Tracks FlipBook registration, time spent on pages, data archiving and general user information like 'popularity' and 'stickiness'.

FlipAlbum® - This software automatically organizes digital images into realistic page-flipping picture albums that provide the look and feel of a traditional style photo album on-screen.

To help you quickly locate your pictures, a table of contents and indexes are automatically generated.

You can also enhance your pictures and annotate your pages with the advanced image editor.

If you own a digital camera, this software could be just what you're looking for. A free trial download is available at flipalbum.com.