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Ebook-Site News, Issue #022 - Important Update
September 12, 2008

I usually struggle to get 1 newsletter a month published but this is important.

Firstly, as a thank you, for being a loyal subscriber you can download The G Factor with Private Label Master Resell Rights. This is the complete reseller package. You can view the sales page at http://www.superdealshop.com/review_GFactorPLR.html

But don't click the order button. Save $97 and get it free by using the link below.

http://www.superdealshop.com/download/subscribers/gfactor This is a direct download. No subscription required.

Secondly, I didn't realize that the Mind Movies launch doesn't close until September 17th. I bought the Mind Movies Creation Kit because it is a great product in a subject area that interests me and not to make affiliate sales. I guess the law of Attraction decided otherwise.

I want to share this with you because I've had a chance to try it out myself, and it is unbelievably powerful.


I apologize if I get right to the point, but this is too important to ignore.

Let me explain...

One thing I've noticed,, along the way is how difficult it can be to try and get your "inner game" finely tuned so you actually can achieve what you want in life.

This applies to business, personal life, finances...EVERYTHING. Sure, you can set goals and all that, but somehow you just seem to lose focus before you get there. It's kind of like too much garbage gets in the way, you know?

All that is about to change!

Because now there is a powerful way to literally set your sites on what you want to happen in your life, and then GET IT--simply by watching a movie on your computer for six minutes day.

I'm NOT kidding.

The best thing is for you to see how this works for yourself. I think you'll catch the vision very quickly when you do.

Watch this to find out how to achieve anything you want:


But you need to do it right now, while you're thinking about it, because the reaction to this has been off the charts.

You see, these folks are practically giving this away today, and they already had over 60,000 excited people waiting in line.

PLUS, once word got out on this all the gurus started crawling out of the woodwork to include their stuff as bonuses.

So right now they are GIVING AWAY over $2,000 in additional killer personal growth products too, but only for the next few days.

When you see how tiny the price is on this, you will be shocked! I've paid more than this for a lousy e-book, and this is an entire DVD/CD set.

If you buy from my link, I will throw in a special bonus. You can have any ONE product that sells on SuperDealShop.com up to a value of $97.

Just send me confirmation of the sale and I will send you a link to immediately download your gift.

So as the saying goes, "You snooze, you lose!"Wake up to the possibilities of your life And DO this!


Make it WIN-WIN,

To your success


PS The price has been slashed by 50% for the launch ,PLUS over $2,000 worth of bonuses. You really can't go wrong with this!