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Ebook-Site News, Issue #020 - For
April 30, 2008

Welcome to the April issue of eBook-Site news.

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- Introduction

- Facebook

- Site Update

- Useful Links

- Quote

- Final Note


This month the main theme, although brief, is the social networking site facebook.


With something for everyone, facebook has grown at an incredible rate and now has an Alexa traffic ranking of 8. Earlier in the year, Sheryl Sandberg, former Google sales head, became the social-networking site's new chief operations officer. Is her responsibility to help facebook expand its operations and global presence a reason for the recent high increase in advertising, including Google Adwords? I wonder.

On the subject of advertising, I would like to warn you of one of the pitfalls to avoid. This has nothing to do with phishing websites or the spammers that use wall posts or other means to steal your money or sell their wares. More information on this can be found at http://blog.facebook.com

What I’m referring to are the dubious methods that some companies use to get your business. By offering freebies for example, you may find that what you first believed to be a simple set of questions to get an advertised gift, leads to a systematic onslaught of questions linking other companies in the chain. Unless you meet certain mandatory conditions usually associated with the free gift, the net result is almost certain to be a complete waste of your time and an increase in unwanted mail.

On a more positive note, facebook offers excellent marketing opportunities for those with a more honest and discreet approach. There are a growing number of groups and a growing number of niches where you can meet and interact with others with common interests.

If you would like to add me as a friend on facebook, my profile is http://profile.to/bryanquinn/

If you already have a facebook account, simply login, view my profile and add me. If you don’t already have a facebook account, I would certainly encourage it, even if you only use it to find out more about social networking.

Site Update

I have uploaded the following eBooks

Fun Craft Projects (with resell rights)
Customer Service (with master resell rights)
The password for the members’ area
http://www.ebook-site.com/members.html will be emailed separately.

Useful Links

Add another income stream to your blog or web site.


If you want something, don’t stand in your own way.

Final Note

Your password for the members’ area will follow this newsletter. Thank you for reading.

To your success,