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Ebook-Site News, Issue #018 - For
February 13, 2008

Welcome to the first issue of eBook-site news for 2008.

----------------- Table of Contents -----------------

- Introduction

- Decisions

- Site Update

- For Webmasters

- Final Note 


Welcome to the February issue of ebook-site news for 2008 and a special thanks to my loyal subscribers. There's much to make up for lost time.


Things change, and so do we. How we change depends on the decisions we make. Think of this for a moment. When we are very young, most decisions are made for us. What we eat, when we sleep, how we dress. The list goes on and on. Can you remember the first decision you made that was truly yours? I certainly can't. Now, can you remember the last decision you made that was completely your own? Not as simple as you first thought. Was it?

OK, let's stop here. Who or what decides what we do is very different for different people. All that's important for now is that you make the best use of what's around you to make those decisions.

Site Update

Since the back issues of this ezine are available to everyone, the password for the members' area http://www.ebook-site.com/members.html will be emailed separately. I have not done this in the past because I don't believe in sending my subscribers unnecessary mail. However, as the members' area grows, it is important that only valid subscribers like you have access.

The eBook added to the members' area this month is Thought Vibrations by William Walker Atkinson. The hardcopy version sells for around $20 at Amazon. I have not read it completely but there is one part that I would like to share with you.

'The more Desire you have for a thing, the more you Love it; and the more you Love it, the greater will be the attractive force exerted toward its attainment—both within yourself, and outside of you. So love but one thing at a time—don't be a mental adulterer.'

I have also left the eBook exactly the way I found it with the links intact. (Wink, Wink Brother Paul)

I have added an affiliate page at http://www.ebook-site.com/affiliates.html and would be delighted if you joined. For those who do decide to join, it could be the beginning of a long road but I will give you as much help and advice as possible.

For Webmasters

If you regularly update your website, I'm sure you check your external links. If you don't or if it has been some time since you updated your site, check them now!

When I recently checked my external links, I found that many of the incoming links were no longer there. There are of course many reasons why this happens. Websites that are discarded or taken over by another person or company, websites that are moved and linking-in pages that are moved or have been deleted are all common reasons.

More worrying, are the websites that break the link from their site to yours deliberately. This is more common with websites that that have a reciprocal link agreement with you through one or more of the link exchanges. The idea being that one-way links increase their popularity vote with the search engines.

However, search engines are far more sophisticated than the people who use those tactics. If you come across a website like this, remove your link and forget about it. Your blood pressure and your health are far more important.

One type of link to be aware of is the 'orphan' link. Basically, this is a link from an 'orphan' page. Since no pages are linked to the 'orphan' page from the originating website, the spiders will fetch the 'orphan' page via the link on your website. Think of it as adopting someone else' page for indexing.

If there are other websites linking to this 'orphan' page, it's a shared adoption. Perhaps the search engines should remove the page from the parent website. Or, better yet, the parent.:)

Final Note

Your password will be winging its way to you soon.

Thank you for reading,