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Ebook-Site News, Issue #017 - What's For You
January 29, 2008

Welcome to the first issue of eBook-site news for 2008.

----------------- Table of Contents -----------------

- Introduction

- What's for you (Wits fur ye)?

- Site Update

- Message

- Final Note 


It's been a while, so please don't expect this to be a riveting read. Time and motivation are inexorably intertwined. It is also very difficult to get in the 'zone' and capture a readers' attention, especially when it's such a miserable day here in Stockport. Cloudy and overcast weather with the threat of rain doesn't inspire this writing.

For talented writers like Stephen King, it may be ideal but for those of us who are literally less fortunate, motivation must come from within. Ignoring the weather and the impulse to visit Tesco, let's move on.

What's for you (Wits fur ye)?

You will not always know 'wits fur ye' but someone will, or at least have a strong indication of what it is. It may be your mother, spouse, relative or friend. For some it may even be a clairvoyant (some people like to hold hands or balls).

However, the significance of 'wits fur ye', or your own or other peoples' definitions should be entirely your own choice. An extrapolation of this is 'wits fur ye wilnae go past ye'. A rough Scottish to English translation or interpretation would be 'whatever is going to happen to you, will happen'.

This is as true in Life as it is in mathematics, only much more complex. The weather, even with today's technology, is difficult to understand or predict. Temperature, moisture, wind velocity, and barometric pressure all play a major part. Yet, the weather with all of its complexities is only one of the many variables that affect your Life.

Think of your Life as a Super variable. An ever changing variable, created from a combination of events, the results of which are different for different points in time. What makes you laugh today may well make you cry tomorrow. Listen to others but follow your own heart, not theirs.

Site Update

After more than a year, I have at last begun updating this website but I'm a little disappointed that I could not add flash macromedia because of SiteSell restrictions. Never mind, it's early in the year, and there is enough to be getting on with for now. If there are any SBIers amongst you who have found a way to integrate flash, please let me know.

I have put ebook-site-ebooks.com in the recycle bin and will be concentrating more on this site and a few travel sites that have also been neglected last year.

I have added a PLR eBook that is worth a read. It's called 'Banish Bad Habits'. You have un-restricted private label rights to this eBook. As well as the PDF file, the source word document and PLR licence is included. If you know anything about PLR products, then you will know that you can do pretty much what you want with them. So if you want to do something with it, grab it now.

You can also pick up your lifetime gold member access to the Resell Rights Mastery membership site.

The password for the members' area http://www.ebook-site.com/members.html is 'crystal' (lowercase).

Note for new subscribers: Passwords are case sensitive and will be changed monthly or immediately before a newsletter mailing. This is to ensure that only valid subscribers have access to this area. The password will remain as crystal until the next update.


To Tom Marquez

Thanks for your email back in September. It was much appreciated.

Final Note

Thank you for reading.

Keep an eye on those variables

Take care

PS It's dark and raining now :)