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March Madness Ebook-Site News, Issue #013
March 31, 2006

Welcome to the March issue of ebook-site news

----------------- Table of Contents -----------------

- Introduction

- Last month’s course details

- Site Update

- Note for Webmasters

- In the News

- Useful URLs

- Final Note


March has been a busy month for internet marketers. With fire sales, anniversary, birthday and wedding giveaways and ‘get it before its too late’ sales, has it all been a bit too much?

Have you been blown away with all the ‘secret weapon’ software for Clickbank, AdSense, CB clicks, and the rest?

If you have, there’s also a good chance that money in your bank account has also been blown away. Unlike James Bond, most of us don’t have the means or the backup to use these ‘secret weapons’ effectively. In fact, by the time you have purchased your ‘secret weapon’, eBay power sellers have sold ten more.

The internet has come a long way from the early days of BBS boards and 300 baud modems but the dangers of it becoming a shopping supermarket are very real. Let me know what you think but don’t call 112. (You did know that is the emergency international number)

Last month’s course details

Last month I spoke of a course that I had some difficulty with. The difficulty arose not because of the subject matter but because of my mindset and lifestyle. Even at university I spent more time in the bar than in classes or in the library. You may think this was a little irresponsible but before you pass judgment, there are a few other facts that you should be aware of.

I left school at 16, married at 18 and went to university at 25. Wouldn’t you want a drink? Added to this, we had 3 children, the youngest being only two months old when I begun the degree course. I also worked part-time to pay the bills (and the occasional beer ?). Incidentally, I did graduate and I am still married to the same lady. What’s my point?

My point is this. You can accomplish something you want in life by taking more than one route. In the case above, I took the route with the twisty bends. You may think that it would have been quicker and easier to take the direct route from school to university. But for that 16 year old, the direct route was obscured with the many alternative choices and distractions the world had to offer.

In later life or in certain circumstances, there comes a point when choices and distractions diminish. When that happens, it becomes easier to follow the direct route to your goal.

Think of this for a moment,. Now consider that a freeway (motorway in the UK) is the quickest route between two towns A and B. If all you want to do is get from A to B then that’s the route to take. But if you want to see the countryside or stop to smell the flowers, you will take another route or another mode of transport.

The course I spoke of will help you find a more direct route to your goal but you must want that goal more than the everyday distractions you will encounter. You will also need commitment and focus to carry out a serious of daily tasks until you achieve that goal.

The course is called Simpleology 101 and I have made a commitment to continue with the course tomorrow April 1st. Or is this an April fool joke? You decide. The link to this free course can be found in the useful URL section.

Site Update

I have begun expanding and updating the members’ area. The font size has also been changed from’1’ to ‘2’ thanks to an observant reader. I do listen and act on good constructive criticism.

I have added talking characters to the website. This is all a bit new to me, so only time and some practice on my part will show if it is cost effective.

PPC and affiliate power ads have been introduced. I’m not sure this was wise considering the poor PPC return for the website keywords and the unknown outcome of using power ads. However, it gives me an opportunity to track the results so that a decision can be made on whether to include/exclude them from other sites.

No decision has been made yet for the fate of ebook-site-ebooks.com. Several ideas are under review but for now it’s still in my domain bucket.

Several new additions will be uploaded to the members’ area tonight and tomorrow. www.ebook-site.com/members.html

This month, the password is madness.

Note for new subscribers: Passwords are case sensitive and will be changed monthly or immediately before a newsletter mailing. This is to ensure that only valid subscribers have access to this area. The password remains as madness until the next update.

Note for Webmasters

Information I received from an SEO expert suggested that although affiliate links are not normally counted by the search engines, some affiliate links to sitesell.com have been counted. Apparently, this may be related to the sitesell URL structure or the context of the affiliate links. I have no idea if this has any effect on SBI sites in general but will let you know if it does.

I have branded a number of affiliate links using linkbrander. I will let you know if this has improved/worsened CTRs or if the CTR remains the same.

In the News

Yahoo email addresses banned by several TE (Traffic Exchange) sites.

StormPay payment processing only to be used for StormPay Auctions.

Jumpstart Technologies, an internet marketing company that offered free movie tickets in exchange for friends’ e-mail addresses were fined $900,000 by The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for violating the CAN-SPAM Act.

Useful URLs

Simpleology 101


linkbrander What goes around comes around but you can remove my name if you don’t want to play ball or want to play alone.

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Final Note

I hope you enjoyed this newsletter or learned something from it. If you have any questions or if there is something you would like published, please let me know.

Until the next issue,

Take care


It’s better to organize than be organized