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Sanity within the Madness - Ebook-Site News, Issue #011
January 29, 2006

Welcome to the first issue of ebook-site news for 2006.

----------------- Table of Contents -----------------

- Introduction

- Obstacles

- Sanity within the Madness

- Site Update

- Note for Webmasters

- Affiliate Opportunities

- Final Note


Many of us have dreams and aspirations for a better life. For the majority of people this will never become a reality. This ezine is not for the majority or for those who play tic-tac-toe.

On the path to that better life (how you define ‘better life’ is your choice), there will be many obstacles. If you don’t overcome those obstacles you will always be in perpetual check in a stalemate life.

We often stray from the path and miss or ignore these obstacles. When this happens, something is needed to bring us back in check. It has happened to me and I’m sure it will happen to you.

There a lot of obstacles between here and the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this newsletter. Closing your eyes or wearing a blindfold will help you avoid most of them but you will have to pause at some stage to find that link. When you do, you’re eyes will be open.


Before embracing this year, I’d like to fill you in with some events leading up to 2006.

2005 wasn’t a particularly good year for me. Until December 19. On that day I was involved in a car accident. No-one was hurt although there were a few surprised faces when I emerged physically unhurt from a totally wrecked car. I’ve omitted the details of the accident here but would like to say one thing. It felt like time had been stretched, with thought processes working overtime to find an impossible solution, only to be followed later by thoughts of acceptance and realization. 2005 was a good year for me. I'm still here.

In the game of life, there are winners and losers. My prayers and thoughts go to those who lost in 2005 and my thanks and gratitude goes to those who won.

New subscribers can be forgiven for thinking that I have sustained some mental damage during the accident. Regular subscribers familiar with my style know better.

Before Christmas, I looked forward to a 2 week break in a warmer climate where computers and websites would become a distant memory. That was the plan. I was determined not to be the usual sad sack with laptop and software ammunition in tow. Not this time. I needed a break. Those of you from the 4.77 MHz era will understand.

The first week was difficult but I survived the cold turkey. The occasional beer helped to ease the relaxation pains and block out the guilt of inactivity. The second week was easier. There was no guilt and no pain.

That came later on my return. When I looked at my websites for the first time in almost three weeks, something was missing. There were no Google ads.

I checked my email and found nothing to explain why this had happened. Before going on holiday I enabled the whitelist filter so that I wouldn’t receive too many irrelevant emails. Not a good decision in view of what has happened.

Anyway, I wrote to the Google AdSense team for an explanation. To give them credit, I did receive a reply. Unfortunately it was a standard unsigned email with no explanation. Judged, tried and convicted without a hearing.

My reaction to this was one of irritation and puzzlement. I wrote to them again and received a similar reply. At this point a decision had to be made on what to do next.

A quick search soon showed that many publishers have had their accounts suspended with no explanation given. A number of them are also considering or in the process of taking legal action against Google. A more thorough investigation led me along some interesting avenues although it’s ironic that I now know much more about AdSense than I did before. There are some high PPC keywords in the Note for Webmasters section section for you.

I have no idea why my account was suspended but have decided not to pursue the issue. I cannot possibly win. I may be able to defend against an accusation of fraudulent clicks but I cannot defend against all of the AdSense Program policies.

I knew that any loss of AdSense revenue for ebook-site.com would have little impact on any future earnings for the website since these ads had a poor PPC value and were gradually being phased out and replaced with products and affiliate links. What’s interesting is that website earnings have increased since the Google ads have been removed. It’s also reassuring not to have furniture or quilt cover advertisements on the site.

However, the loss of AdSense revenue for websites with a high PPC designed specifically for Google ads could be very significant. This is where we enter the grey area of AdSense sites. Sanity within the Madness was written to add a little color to this dry subject.

It will be some time before algorithms can be written that fully understand the complexities of the English language. But could Garry Kasparov‘s defeat by Deep Blue in 1997 have opened the doors for a Shelley bot? Is there a Percy Byte Shelley crawling the web? Let me know what you think.

It’s time to move on but before we do let me say this. What was initially a hobby has now become a very serious business. The loss of AdSense revenue has been my wakeup call. It has helped to re-focus attention on my real goal and has opened up countless opportunities that I had previously missed.

Sanity within the Madness

A search engine uses a complex combination of software programs and algorithms to collect, organize, and index data on the internet. An understanding of the whole process and the techniques used are known to very few.

In brief, it crawls the internet for web content by following the links on the web to different websites. It collects the contents of these websites for storage in the search engine's database. This is known as crawling and spidering the web. The 'crawler' also known as a spider, robot or bot is the actual program that collects the web content. Data extracted from the web content is analyzed and indexed. When you search for an item using the search engine, the index is checked for that item and the results of your search are displayed on your browser.

Consider the thousands of websites that have been cloned or copied and have almost identical content. Data from all of these web sites have been or will be extracted and analyzed. Some of them have been indexed and some have not.

Do you see the picture?

Give this picture a name. Let us call it 'monkey'. A good name with no he's and she’s to worry about and looking politically good in this context. It's a common name with many associations used across the globe and comes in many guises. Now, have a good look at your monkey, your picture. What do you see,? Did you see the picture? Did you take that shot? If you missed, try again. There’s no need for bullets with digital.

Let's assume it's a good shot and you have your monkey. Is your monkey a high resolution image? Or does it look a bit fuzzy or blurred and in need of a makeover?

If the latter, check the exposure time and take another shot but remember that cake and not commonsense, feeds hunger. Remember that sweet and bitter are a matter of taste but extremes can be hard to swallow.

Clarity is not always black and white. Enter the spider of photography, color. A small word dwarfed by its bearer and its symmetry lost to the extremities. This is a small price to pay to avoid phrases like 'Show me the coloc of your money'. It's also a godsend for those of us that find differentiating reds and greens more difficult than equations, not to be called rolor blinds. Not a problem in the UK with the extra vowel. In this case, size matters but don’t play snooker in the dark.

With digital imagery, black and white can be left in the house of chess on 64th street. This done, your monkey will grow. Unlike a photographer's enlargement, your monkey is much more susceptible to outside influence, not all of it in your favor. Quality is more important than quantity at this stage.

As you read this, your monkey may change. Don't worry, this is perfectly normal. Your monkey is not a static image but a dynamic representation of your thoughts. The target you shot earlier has already moved away and will very likely become the focus of another monkey. The target is shared but each monkey is unique with the bigger monkeys having shot more or bigger targets than the smaller ones. Static monkeys don't survive long.

To see the big picture, you will need a big monkey so be prepared for a lot of target shooting. Bear in mind that some of the easier targets should be avoided and some of the more elusive targets will shoot back.

This is where the monkey business ends. Please accept it as bit of lighthearted fun on a very dry topic. You can also be assured that no monkeys were harmed during the writing. If you have found sanity within the madness, then perhaps you have also found your missing link.

Site Update

I have removed all Google code. Before re-organizing the site, I need to organize myself. My butterfly mind must be tamed. To do this I have committed to an 18 day course written by Mark Joyner. I'll let you know in the next issue if it clips my wings.

To access the members' area this month, the password is Butterfly.

Note for new subscribers: Passwords are case sensitive and will be changed monthly or immediately before a newsletter mailing. This is to ensure that only valid subscribers have access to this area.

There have been no new additions to the members’ area but I have uploaded a report for you here
Appropriately it's called Setting goals for 2006.

All new subscribers please accept my apologies for the problems with the autoresponder I could not modify the code on the SBI autoresponder to get it to do what I wanted. I have similar problems with the washing machine. As a temporary measure, I installed a trial version from 1Shopping cart but it maxed out after 50 subscriptions. This was done at 3am on December 22 a few hours before my flight to Portugal and is another good reason for clipping those wings.

Note for Webmasters

If you have an AdSense account, here are some high PPC keywords that you can use.

Good luck and happy publishing.

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Affiliate Opportunities

Shorten your URLs and Brand your business with every link that you create. www.linkbrander.com/Bryan

Final Note

Amongst the subscribers are friends that I have known for several years and friends I may have in the future. Some have personally written to me. Some have asked for help or advice. Some have given me help and advice. Some have complimented and some have criticized.

Thank you. 2006 will be a very good year.

Until the next issue

Take care

Bryan bryan@ebook-site.com

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