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It's Bryan with Ebook-Site News, Issue #009 
December 09, 2005

Welcome to an early December issue of ebook-site news.

A warm welcome to all new subscribers.

----------------- Table of Contents -----------------

- Introduction

- Site Update

- Special Note for Webmasters

- Final Note


I mentioned last month that I would not become involved with any JVs for the rest of the year. This was true until yesterday, although my part in this will be very limited since I’m taking a break over the Christmas period. There are times when we should enjoy the rainbow and forget the gold.

If you are interested in this JV then please read the Special Note for Webmasters.

Site Update

Several pages have been tidied up but few significant changes have been made. If you are using an RSS feed you will be kept up-to-date.

I have registered the domain ebook-site-ebooks.com. This may be a bit of a mouthful but was chosen for a reason. I will update you in January.

The members' area is still under review. There will be new additions later this month. Until then the password will remain the same. I will let you know when the files have been uploaded and the password changed.

Note for new subscribers: Passwords are case sensitive and will be changed monthly or immediately before a newsletter mailing. This is to ensure that only valid subscribers have access to this area.

The password remains as mexico until the next update.

Special Note for Webmasters

You are invited to participate in a special Joint Venture opportunity.

On December 15 Henry Gold and Reed Floren plan to launch an updated 2nd version of 117ChristmasGifts.com, where you will be able to:

1) Get As Many Subscribers As You Can For Your Business.

What this means is that if you receive 20,000 subscribers that download your product, you will receive 20,000 subscribers to opt-in to your autoresponder system.

2) Receive A Lot of Free Publicity For Your Name And Business, As There Will Be A Huge Amount of Marketers Participating in This Campaign.

3) Earn As Much Affiliate Commission As Possible on The Back-End, Thank You Page, As Well As The Member Special.

All you have to do is donate one of your high quality products for each visitor to download, tell your list about this give away event, and earn up to 50% affiliate commission automatically.

You can read all the advantages, guidelines, and sign up for this eventhere

If you prefer, when you're ready to go, you can email me directly at: mailto:bryan@ebook-site.com and give me the following info:

1. Name of your Product contribution
2. Description of your product
3. Price of your product
4. URL Where Purchasers will go to get your product
5. Date of Your Mailing

Within 24 hours we will set-up your account information and you will then receive all of the promotional tools and strategies to get the most out of this campaign.

Here's the linkto where you can sign up right away and read how it all works!

If you have difficulty in signing up, please email me and I will help you through the process.

To Your Success


Final Note

I lost a number of files on my PC last week because of the vulnerability in earlier editions of the McAfee AV scanning engine.

If you use McAfee, please ensure that you have the latest version, or it may happen to you.

The latest engine version is 4400
The latest DAT (virus definition files)is 4647

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you may experience difficulty downloading McAfee or Microsoft updates. I use both IE and Mozilla and sometimes run both at once, and have found that making IE the default browser cures this problem.

In the next issue later this month, as well as an update and password change, I will select an article from several that I have read recently from Cody Moya

Until then

Take care

Bryan mailto:bryan@ebook-site.com