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Ebooks are books in electronic format. Like other electronic data, they can be distributed easily across networks. They can be stored on disk, tape or CD/DVD and can be viewed on a screen.

Gone are the days of hunting high street bookshops for a particular book when companies like Amazon make online buying safe and easy. Like a normal book, an ebook can be purchased online, but unlike traditional books, they can be downloaded immediately for viewing. Generally they are available 24/7 online. There are other advantages other than their 24/7 availability and immediate downloads.

Ebooks are cheaper and more versatile than traditional books. They are generally viewed on a screen but can usually be printed if required. What's important here is that YOU make the choice. Ebooks can be distributed and stored easily. Consider encyclopaedias now available on CD or DVD. Technical books in ebook format can be indispensable. Important topics or articles can be printed out for reference whilst the original ebook is left intact.


You will find a variety of ebooks here that are either downloadable from this site or from other publishers. For clarity, the ebooks have been arranged alphabetically by topic. As the numbers grow, they will be further divided into sub-topics with pointers to the appropriate web pages.


Ebooks - Pick of The Net



For car enthusiasts


Computing & Internet

For both novice and expert


Cooking & Recipes

Cooking and recipe books



Arts and Crafts



Dating and Seduction



Dreams Revealed


Family Tree

Find out your family history



Various games



Gardening information and tips



Golf and putting



Health and Fitness


Home Improvement

DIY and Home Improvement



Jokes and humor


Internet Marketing

Useful information for web publishers and marketers



Job interviews and resumes



Magicians and Magic



Marriage, Weddings and Divorce



Numerology and Astrology



Parenting eBooks



Information for pet owners


Private Label Rights

PLR eBooks



Publishing and Article writing


Real Estate

Property and Real Estate



Sex and Seduction


Schools & Colleges

Information for Schools and Colleges



eBooks to share



Technical eBooks



Trading and the Stock Exchange



For women


The e-code

Although not an ebook, the e-code by Joe Vitale and Jo Han Mock has had great reviews at Amazon. With contributions from 32 top internet marketers, this is a 'must read' for anyone serious about making money on the internet. For only a few dollars the paperback edition has saved me many more.


 Find out more about the e-code.