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Respectable and trusted ebook publishers are an important resource for writers who want their work published.

Today there is no better vehicle than the internet for transporting and presenting information. As the internet becomes more common in people's lives, endless opportunities are opening up for both business and pleasure. Never at any other time in our history has so much information been available to so many of us.

It has given writers the opportunity of expressing their thoughts to a world wide audience in the form of ebooks.

If you are looking to publish your work, an ebook publisher can help to maximize your target audience. Prospective readers will discover your book more easily if it is published and marketed by a reputable publisher. When properly done, this is a very cost efficient means of distributing your work to a huge audience.

Some things should be borne in mind when choosing a publisher. Ebook publishers are comparable to traditional publishers. They both publish books. The difference being the former produce paperless books. This may seem obvious. The point is, although the processes used in traditional and ebook publishing are physically different, the associated business transactions are essentially the same. This in itself is a good enough reason for choosing the right publisher. For an ebook to be successful, good marketing is extremely important.

Not all ebook publishers will market your books. Unless you want to market the ebook on your own, this should be a major consideration when choosing one.

You will not find a directory of publishers here. These can be found on a number of other sites. What you will find, are ebook publishers that are considered to be the best in the business.

Because of the many factors involved in ebook publishing, it is difficult to choose a publisher that is taylor-made to an individual's requirements.

With this in mind, the word best is used here to describe those publishers that satisfy most of them.

This simple example will help illustrate the importance of choosing the right publisher.

At the very least, ebook publishers should be respectable, trustworthy and reputable companies that offer a competitively priced service to their customers.


Trafford Publishing

The first company in the world to offer on-demand publishing. They offer a non-exclusive publishing agreement. You decide the retail price. Two copies of your book are sent to the National Library free of charge. Royalties paid surpass other publishers with 60% of gross profit margin paid on each sale.



One of the largest book publishing companies in the United States and endorsed by author organizations, including the Authors Guild and ASJA. Both new and existing customers who submit original manuscripts under most of the publishing programs can also submit manuscripts for eBook creation. Customers that have an existing published book with iUniverse, can add the eBook format for $99