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Here is a simple Ebook Publishers Example of 3 different writers that have ebooks published by 3 different ebook publishers. Note that many of the variables have been omitted for simplicity. Three writers (A, B, C) have ebooks published by three different ebook publishers (X,Y,Z)

Writer A pays ebook publisher X no publishing fee. The publisher pays 50% royalties on all downloads

Writer B pays ebook publisher Y a 50 marketing fee. (This fee will be refunded after 100 copies of the ebook are sold) The publisher pays 52% royalties on all downloads

Writer C pays ebook publisher Z 100 as a one off publishing fee. The publisher pays 54% royalties on all downloads

Keeping this as simple as possible and assuming that each writer sells the same number of books priced at 5 per book, we look at some scenarios.

If each writer sells 50 books

Writer A earns 50*5*0.50 =125, Writer B earns 50 * 5* 0.52 - 50 = 80, Writer C earns 50*5*0.54 -100 = 35

If each writer sells 100 books

Writer A earns 100*5*0.50 =250, Writer B earns 100 * 5* 0.52 - 50 =260, Writer C earns 100*5*0.54 -100 =170

If each writer sells 500 books

Writer A earns 500*5*0.50 =1250, Writer B earns 500 * 5* 0.52 - 50 =1300 and Writer C earns 500*5*0.54 -100 =1250

If each writer sells 10000 books

Writer A earns 25,000, Writer B earns 25,950 and Writer C earns 26900

From this, it’s easily seen the writer's earnings are dependent not only on the number of books sold but are dependent on what’s offered by the publisher.

Writer A earns more than B or C when few books are sold. Writer C earns more than A or B when many books are sold and writer B comes somewhere in between.

In this example, the royalties are pretty well matched and from this information alone, it would be wrong to come to any conclusions on what publisher was best. However, if publisher Z promised writer C that many books would be sold using his services knowing that writer C would only sell a few books, his conduct would be questionable.


In Conclusion

The only advice I can give a writer here is to be realistic with their expectations. Situations like this are more likely to happen to new or inexperienced writers. An experienced publisher being in a much better position, however, can offer good advice to the writer.

I have laboured on this example simply to highlight the importance of using the services of a reputable publisher who can offer good advice to a writer. I cannot emphasize this enough.

In reality, this example would be considered too minor to warrant an investigation and to prove deliberate intent would be difficult. In the real world, it is much more complicated. Many other variables must be taken into account, some of which can produce dramatic differences to a writer’s earnings.

The length of the contract between writer and publisher, the frequency of payments and electronic publishing rights are a few examples.

All I can say to this is that we will endeavour to analyse as much information as possible to help ensure that writers are given the opportunity of using the services of a trustworthy and reputable ebook publisher when required.