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The range of handhelds available are now so versatile that they can be used in every walk of life. If you are looking for an ebook palm, be it PDA or ebook, we hope the information given here will help you.

Teachers and students alike, can take notes, collect data, perform calculations and generally manage their ctivities. Palm invest in educational research and professional development programs. Better patient care can be provided whilst helping to simplify processes and manage costs more effectively. Government agencies can collect, analyse, and manage data more efficiently. Banks and insurance companies can keep their business information secure and up to date quickly. In fact, anyone can find a use for one of these handhelds in their everyday life.


Here are some of the current Palm Handheld models available.

Zire (monochrome display)Need your life to be better organized? Then this is an affordable way to do it.

Zire 21 (monochrome display)This has more memory than the ZIRE above. It also has a flip cover instead of a carry case.

Zire 72 (color display) This has 320X320 reflective TFT color screen that supports more than 65,000 colors. It comes with a built in 1.2 MP camera and can record videos.

Tungsten™ E (color display)

If you really must, you can take your office home with this device. Create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Tungsten™ T2 (color display)

One of the most compact palmOne™ handhelds available. It has wireless connectivity when needed. You can access email and surf the Web when you combine it with a Bluetooth mobile phone.

Tungsten™ T3 (color stretch display)

The 320x480 Stretch Display can be rotated from portrait to landscape at the touch of a button. It also provides 50% more viewing area than other palmOne™ handhelds.

Tungsten™ W

With the Palm™ Tungsten™ W handheld you can access as many as eight personal POP and IMAP accounts.

Tungsten™ C

This is the most powerful and robust of the handhelds with built in Wi-Fi technology and a built-in keyboard.


Looking for a Palm handheld game?

For the golfers amongst you looking for a Palm handheld game, here are a few that may be of interest. No matter what the weather, golf addicts have no excuse now.

The IntelliGolf Birdie Edition is another Palm handheld game that comes with automated scoring and wagering with built-in statistics and graphs.

You can sink more puts with I-Putt, the world's first PDA putting aid for practice and play. You can also adjust for weather, grass and individual skill level.

Or if you prefer, play a simulated game of golf with Palm4Play’s new Golf Masters? You can even design your own courses. A great opportunity for the 19th hole!

Concentrate on your game and not your score card with GolftracPro's easy to use scoring system and great range of features.

What's NEW from Palm?


Here are some of the available accessories.

A Wireless keyboard that can be used with all current Palm™ handhelds.

The Palm® Tungsten™ T 24K gold-plated stylus adds a touch of class. It's compatible with the Tungsten™ T, Tungsten™ T2 and Tungsten™ T3 handheld models.

64MB and 128 MB Memory Expansion Cards that are compatible with palmOne™ m125 Handheld, palmOne™ m130 Handheld, palmOne™ m500 Series Handhelds, palmOne™ i705 Handheld, palmOne™ Tungsten™ E Handheld, palmOne™ Tungsten™ T Handheld, palmOne™ Tungsten™ T2 Handheld, palmOne™ Tungsten™ T3 Handheld, palmOne™ Tungsten™ W Handheld, palmOne™ Tungsten™ C Handheld, palmOne™ Zire™ 71 Handheld, Treo 600.

A travel Charger for the Tungsten™ E with automatic voltage, and frequency adjustment and adapters for U.K., Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Or what about an Atari Retro Card? Play original Atari 2600 games from the 80's!