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There are a number of Ebook Devices available. If you are thinking of buying one, it's well worth taking the time to look around for one that's most suitable for your needs. Cost, functionality, versatility and lifespan are the main factors. A few have been specially selected that should be of interest.

The Pocket PC - A huge variety of these devices are available. If you have a need for speed, then the MyPal A730 Pocket PC from Asus is first out of the starting block with its new 520 MHz processor from Intel. It also boasts 45MB user memory, 1.3 megapixel digital camera, large 3.7-inch VGA resolution LCD screen and Bluetooth.

Dual CompactFlash (CF) and Secure Digital (SD) memory card expansion slots also mean that you can take full advantage of memory cards and card-based peripherals unlike most other PDAs.

Palm OS PDA - A good selection of these devices are available ranging from the entry level Palm Zire PDA with a monochrome LCD and 2MB RAM to the new Pal Tungsten T3 Handheld with stretch display and 64MB RAM. The stretch display has 50% more viewing area than their other models and can be rotated from portrait to landscape.

Handspring Visor - These devices use the Palm OS. Handspring is now part of PalmOne.

Hiebook - This hand-held device includes a portable MP3 player allowing you to listen to music while reading your ebook. A backlit LCD display means that you can also read your ebooks in the dark.

Franklin eBookMan - This Ebook Device has added PDA capabilities such as Address Book, To Do List, Calculator and Memo Book. An MP3 and Audio book player is included. There is also a huge selection of ebook titles available for the eBookMan. At present there are three models available with a host of peripherals including USB cradles and cables for connecting to your PC, cassette adapters and multimedia cards.

Gemstar eBook - Originally designed for the Gemstar eBook RCA REB 1100. These dedicated ebook devices came with their own eBook reading software and integrated dictionary. Each reader stored around ten or so average size aperbacks. They also had backlighting and provided button page turning. However, these devices are no longer available because of the closure of the Gemstar ebooks business. If you would still like to acquire one, you could try Ebay.

Rocket eBook - One of the first dedicated Ebook Devices that could store around 20,000 pages of text, developed by NuvoMedia and later purchased by Gemstar. The REB 1100 was an updated version. Needless to say there are no new Rocket eBooks available for purchase.

If you enjoy eBooks but prefer reading from a printed book, take a look at the Amazon Kindle

Cytale Cybook - A dedicated Ebook Device made by the French company Cytale that never quite made it.

Easyread Personal Digital Reader - This device was invented and developed by Mr Chu Bong Foo, referred to as the 'Father of the Chinese Computer'. It uses the Culturecom 1610 33MHz CPU, capable of displaying 32,000 chinese characters.

Nokia 9210 Communicator - This is an updated version of the Nokia 9110. It is marketed as a mobile communications device. It incorporates a mobile phone, email and PC office applications. This device combines new technologies like a high resolution display and high speed mobile email.Ebook Reader Software is available that enable this device to read ebooks and download from web based ebook stores.