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There are a number of ebook cover software products to choose from. These products are also known as ebook cover makers, ebook cover creators or ebook cover generators. They all perform the same fundamental task. They create ebook covers.

At present the market for ebook cover software is very competitive. This has helped ensure good quality products at sensible prices.

There are a number of advantages of using ebook cover maker software to employing the talents of a graphics designer.

The software is relatively easy to use and professional looking covers can be quickly designed and created by following a sequence of steps. It is very cost effective when compared to a graphic design service, especially if you require several covers. It is usually downloadable and ready to use upon completion of your order. With no waiting period, you can begin your creation at once.

Good quality graphics impress buyers. If 3D style covers interests you but the cost of employing a graphic designer is too expensive, why not create your own. If you want ebook cover software that is simple and easy to use package and produces professional results, check out the Cover Factory

The CoverFactory software includes an easy-to-follow wizard that takes you through all the main steps of creating your new Cover. Although easy to use, CoverFactory has a host of powerful features like adding shadows and reflections and object rotation on all 3 axes.


The company are so confident of their product that a free evaluation version is available and can be downloaded from their site without an obligatory email address. I have verified this by downloading a free copy of their latest CoverFactory V2 release on 16th March 2004.


eCover Generator

by Armand Morin is one of the most popular choices of ebook cover software. A good looking ebook cover can be quickly created in six or seven easy steps. It contains a Graphic Design Library and does not require any additional graphic software. 3D covers with professional looking drop shadows can be created easily in minutes. It also comes with an easy to read 'User manual'.


eCover Studio

was created by Michele Watson of Cyber Share and shares some similarities with eCover Generator but contains enough differences to make it a possible alternative. It comes with a good selection of ready made graphic templates including CD covers, ezines, and membership cards. The package boasts a large number of graphic settings that could be valuable for the more experienced user and the ability to add adjustable shadow and reflection effects.


3D Covers

is a very comprehensive package. Quality covers can be put together very quickly and easily. If you also believe that quantity can often be as important as quality when choosing ebook cover software, then you won't be disappointed with 3D Covers. It comes with 250+ Custom 3D ebook Cover Templates, 200+ Custom 3D Box Cover Templates, 125+ Custom 3D Ezine Cover Templates, 125+ Custom 3D CD Cover Templates and lots of Custom 3D Graphics. More information on this product can be found at 3D Covers


If you have ever thought of running your own cover creation business, but never knew where to start, there is some good news. There is now an action script for Adobe Ahotoshop available that will create your cover template from scratch. A PDF step by step installation and usage guide also comes with the action script to get you up and running quickly. The only requirement to use this script is that you have Adobe Photoshop 6.0 or higher on your PC or Macintosh.