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Ebook compilers will allow anyone with a PC and a word processor to process a document into an ebook. Which compiler you choose is a matter of personal taste.

There are many compilers available on the market. Here you will find, what we believe are some of the best. Take time to look at the features each have to offer to find what's right for you.

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eBook Starter
Professional eBook design

Ebook Starter will enable you to create a professional looking ebook without design experience. It is the first ebook software that is an actual WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) combined ebook editor and HTML compiler. It is very simple to use and has easy to follow 'Help' files as well as a six step publishing wizard to create your ebooks. If you can use a word processing program like Microsoft Word, you can easily create ebooks with eBook Starter. There are a wide variety of professionally designed ebook templates provided with eBook Starter. These give the created ebooks the look and feel of a real book, manual or report. In summary, eBook Starter will provide you with a complete ebook publishing solution and give you full control of your publishing needs. You can find out more about this product and download a free demo here.

Whatever these may be, you should find what you are looking for here. All of the companies shown are highly regarded and provide very professional services.


eBook Generator
Easy to Use - Free Lifetime Upgrades

This is one of the easiest to use ebook compilers available. It is ideal for the novice with its superb help tutorial. Having said that, the features offered will satisfy even the most experienced expert.

These features include a wizard, virus prevention, ebook tracking, project template files, logo customization, splash bitmap, internet linking capability, custom security, tool bar control fields, sub directory support, custom bookmarks, custom toolbars, full screen mode and complete plug-in capabilities for flash, java, shockwave and more.

New features include ebook disabling. This means that if customers buy your ebook and later decide to ask for a refund even although they are still using it, you can disable it!


Activ E-Book Compiler
Excellent testimonials

This ebook compiler has been given good ratings on many other websites and is absolutely packed with features. Its good compression ratio results in smaller file sizes.

Good instructions show how to create an ebook from MS Word, MS Powerpoint or HTML files. Features include a wizard tool, ebook appearance and color customization, and CD based ebooks creation.

There is a customizable table of contents and a search facilities with a mini search engine built in. There is also an available add-on that allows you to add sound and vision to your ebooks.

The whole book or individual pages can be password protected and an expiry date can be set if required. In addition to branding, the ebooks created from this product can be re-branded for someone else.

Internet links can be enabled or disabled from opening automatically. There are more than 700 icons and a bitmap splash screen can be added for that professional touch.


A Quality Product

This is a quality ebook compiler packed with features. These include unlimited ebook creation, complete customization options, full support for plug-ins and excellent file compression ratios.

If security is your main concern, then this is one of the best ebook compilers available. It has excellent encryption and security functions, and makes use of advanced algoritms to secure your ebook. An entire directory structure can be encrypted if required.


EBook Maestro PRO
A Powerful e-Publishing system

EBook Maestro PRO is a powerful e-Publishing system that produces feature-rich eBooks with a full spectrum of security features including online activation and full fledged try-before-you-buy support which enable anyone to securely sell eBooks online. Protected directories enable content that can only be viewed with an activation key, and extensive trial period and registration options fill outthe security options. Copy & paste, drag & drop, print, image/text selection, ctrl & alt keys and print screen can all be disabled. Your eBooks will also contain a checksum algorithm to ensure the book's content remains intact. Moreover, controlled extraction in the reader system of distributed eBooks ensures that your content is protected.

The universal simplicity of this eBook maker, reinforced by a feature-rich interface, strong compression, and complete control over the design of the final product makes eBook creation and publishing a real delight.

The eBook compiler offers a rich, well organized interface with an array of customizable features. Support for embedded scripts, Flash, PDF, Shockwave and video formats provides a richer, more innovative experience compared to other publishing options. The universal support for embedded objects, character sets and data processing allows applying the functional riches of eBook creation to any professional area, be it art, business or education.

Finished eBooks may include a fast search engine, read-out-loud mode, URL to open on exit and a customizable icon. All aspects of your eBook are highly configurable such as window settings, context menus, control bar, search bar and left panel navigation.

eBook Compiler - Shareware



This is an HTML compiler. This application converts your HTML files into an encrypted format. So, unlike HTML pages, the contents are protected. This means that if you create your ebook using this product, your data is secure from modification. Publishers and web designers can also use WebPacker for promoting and selling their products in the knowledge that the information they display is protected. Ebooks created with WebPacker can be viewed with IE explorer version 4 or higher.

Please be aware that although the unregistered shareware version is fully functional, any ebooks created will expire in one week unless the product is registered.